How to plan your next appetizer party!

I have found over the past few years most people are moving away from a full-blown meal, and turning towards appetizer buffets instead. Most of these parties tend to start later in the evening, or after the dinner hour.

When you plan a party, not only do you want to have a good time. But I think some of you secretly want to impress your guests with maybe some of your favorite recipes. Sometimes one of your impressive appetizers can even create a talking point among strangers as a way to get aquainted.

Here are a few tips you may want to think about when planning your party

Have guests bring an appetizer or dessert to share to take some of the load off you.
Buy three or four quality store-bought appetizers that are easy to prepare. Pick a
few of your own recipes

Here are a few menu ideas for you that may help cut your preparation time in half

Buy simple blocks of cheese, olives, and nuts to arrange on your table.
Cooked shrimp arranged on a silver platter makes for a beautiful display for your table.
Store-bought deli meats displayed with some marinated vegetables always seem to be a crowd pleaser.
Place pre-made meatballs in a crock pot and add your favorite sauce. Buy store- bought vegetable
It may be more expensive but it will save you time in the end.

Here are also a few more things to consider while in the planning stages of your party:

Do menu and shopping list a few weeks in advance

I try to get most of my prep work done the day before my party. It takes some of the stress away the day of the party. I also make a list
of things I need to do the day of my party. Sometimes I enlist help from my family or friends, who come over earlier to help before the party begins.

You also can hire a local agency that provides servers who can completely move you away from the kitchen. These people will help arrange your food, pickup, and cleanup everything before they leave. I don’t think enlisting this type of help is unreasonable if you can enjoy yourself for a change.

Do you have any time saving tips or recipes you would like to share?

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By Barbara Gilleece

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